Season 1 Trailer: Love and Lust Uncut

Welcome to the Love and Lust Uncut Podcast with Ric and Leasia Henderson. This week we introduce you to some of the many topics we will discuss. Together, we are bringing you our insights and point of view on topics that most shy away from. Tips, ideas, and improvements on topics such as Sex, Relationships, Cheating, and love after breakup to name a few.Each episode we will read and discuss topics submitted to us from our listeners as well as the latest related trending topics! Not only will we discuss issues, but we will provide solutions on how to handle them. We empower you in those topics where you can't quite escape the toxicity of what may be going on in your life, and we embrace those topics that you feel you can not share with those around you. All submissions are read anonymously, so you can rest assure that you can be as open as you'd like to be with us. 

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